Chapter 36: The Glimmerstone Family Animal Shelter

Desmera:  Thanks for letting Grace stay till my birthday!

Jon:  Sure thing sweetie, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Desmera:  Can I open my presents now?

Arya:  Let’s eat the cake and ice cream first before it melts all over the place.

Sebastian:  I want a piece with one of the giant strawberries on it!

Desmera:  I can’t believe you have to go, I’m gonna miss you so much!

Grace:  I know, but my daddies promised I could come over and visit again real soon!

Sebastian:  Legacy won’t be the same without you, Grace!

Grace:  Can I ask you guys a favor?

Desmera:  Sure, anything.

Grace:  Can Luke and Yoda be the heirs?

Desmera:  You wouldn’t mind if we ended up playing your character?

Grace:  Well, he was your character first!  Besides I think it would be really neat knowing that my character got to be heir.

Sebastian:  I think it’s a great idea, we’ll take good care of him, don’t worry!

Grace:  Thanks guys, you’re the best!  Make sure he marries Luke, OK?

Sebastian:  Promise!  We’re gonna miss you!

Desmera:  My mom says I can call you anytime I want so I’ll let you know what happens.

Grace:  Thanks!

Jon:  Grace, we’ve gotta go sweetie!

Grace:  Bye guys, call me!  Happy birthday Des!

Desmera:  I still can’t believe my parents got me a cat for my birthday.

Sebastian:  I think Felix wants to play legacy too!

Desmera:  *giggles*  Do you wanna play legacy kitty?

Felix:  *sniffs at the doll*


Luke:  There you go Sam, how do you like your new home?

Sam:  *squawks*

Luke:  I just might have to teach you to talk someday!

Yoda:  I can’t believe we finally have our own animal shelter!

Luke:  I know!  I already got a few calls and I think we will be getting a few kittens tomorrow.

Yoda:  Really? *gets excited*

Luke:  *grins*  I knew that would make you happy, I know cats are your favorite.

Yoda:  I hope Custard gets along with the new cats.

Luke:  I think she will be just fine, there are plenty of toys and beds around this place so she shouldn’t have a problem sharing.  *yawns*

Yoda:  OK sleepy head, let’s get you to bed.  It’s been a really long day.

Yoda:  Hey, didn’t you get the memo?  Cats rule and dogs drool!

Luke:  *laughing*  No way, dogs are awesome!

Yoda:  Let’s just agree to disagree.

Luke:  It’s OK, I love all animals anyway.


Custard:  I think this little guy loves me. . .

Yoda:  I’ve got this new recipe for gourmet cat food, I think Custard and the new kittens are gonna love it!

Luke:  Speaking of new kittens, I think I just heard a car pull up!  I think one of them is here!

Luke:  Hey there, little guy.

Alice:  Hey, you must be Luke, I’m Alice Carmichael.  I’ll be your contact with the other local animal shelter.  I can’t tell you how great it is that you’re doing this!  The current animal shelter is so full, we could really use all the help we can get.

Luke:  We have plenty of space here, don’t hesitate to call if you need to place an animal with us!  So what’s this little guy’s name?

Alice:  This is Ursa, he was brought in just last night.  It seems someone found him wandering around the cat park all by himself.

Luke:  What do you think, Custard?

Custard:  *purrs*

Luke:  Well that’s one concern out of the way!  We didn’t know if Custard would get along with the new kittens or not but she seems just fine.

Alice:  I’m glad!  I’ll be back later with the other one, we just have to get her shots all finished up.

Custard:  …and this is the office!  Come on, I wanna show you the cat condo!

Ursa:  Wait up, my legs aren’t as long as yours!

Ursa:  I falled over, I told you I couldn’t keep up!

Custard:  Oops, sorry!  I’m just so excited!  You’re gonna love this place, it has everything!

Yoda:  Hey there little guy, are you having fun?

Ursa:  *purrs*

Custard:  That’s Yoda, he loves cats more than anything!  Well, almost more than anything, I think he loves master Luke more.

Ursa:  He seems really nice.

Custard:  Yeah, he’s great!  He knows just the right spot to scratch behind your ear and he makes us special yummy food and. . .

Custard:  You’re my bestest friend!

Ursa:  That’s cause there are no other cats here!

Custard:  Nope, you’re gonna be my bestest friend no matter how many cats we get!


Alice:  Got two more for you if you’re interested?  The kitten I told you I would bring over earlier and this adorable doggy too.

Luke:  Sure!

Snowball:  Oh boy!

Pepper:  Hey dog, wait up!

Luke:  I’ve got a great idea!

Yoda:  What’s that?

Luke:  Why don’t we take all the animals out to the park?

Yoda:  They will love it!

Luke:  Come on guys, everyone into the car!

Snowball:  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Custard:  Is that all that dog can say?

Snowball:  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Ursa:  I think it is all he can say. . .

Custard:  Dogs are so dumb.

Snowball:  …boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Custard:  Ick what are you doing??  Don’t get your slobbery nose all over me!

Snowball:  *chases Ursa and Pepper*

Pepper:  It’s OK, he won’t hurt you.  I lived with him for a little bit at the other shelter.  He’s really dumb but he loves cats.


Yoda:  Can you believe it?  One trip outdoors and everyone ends up with fleas!

Luke:  Yeah, I guess we really should invest in some flea collars or something.

Snowball:  Oh boy!

Ursa:  Did you see that?

Custard:  What?

Ursa:  *laughing*  He just fell right on his stupid dog face!

Custard:  Oh boy!

Custard and Ursa:  *cracking up*


Luke:  Yoda, the party is about to start, where are you?

Yoda:  I still don’t know why we have to have a party.

Luke:  I promised mom that we would invite them all over to see the new place!  Besides we haven’t seen Leia and Wicket since they got married, it will be nice to see them again!

Wicket:  Hey guys!

Yoda:  Speak of the devil!

Luke:  Be nice!

Yoda:  I’m always nice!

Luke:  Wow Wicket, you look like you’re ready to pop!  When are you due?

Wicket:  Any day now. 🙂

Luke:  There was one other reason I wanted all of our family here today.

Luke:  You’re my best friend in the whole world.  Just being around you makes me happier than I can even express in words.  I love you more than anything.

Luke:  Will you marry me?


Chapter 35: Leaving the Nest

Wicket:  Do you guys really have to do that right here?  I don’t want to get kicked in the face…

Luke:  We have to practice for sports club, there is a tournament coming up next week.

Yoda:  Besides, shouldn’t you do your homework indoors?

Luke:  She does her homework right in your face on purpose you know.

Yoda:  Yeah, I think part of her secretly likes the fact that I keep copying her homework.  I think it makes her feel smart or something.

Luke:  You’re not going to this time though, right?  You will ask me if you need help?

Yoda:  *blushes*  Actually if you really don’t mind. . .I could use some help.

Yoda:  Are you sure this is right?


Luke:  Don’t tell the other cats, but you’re my favorite, Custard.

Custard:  *purrs*

Custard:  You’re my favorite too, silly human.


Luke:  Oh you poor thing, is your wing hurt?  Come on I’ll take care of you.

Bird:  *thinks about it*

Luke:  Me and Yoda are going to open up an animal shelter someday, would you like to come live with us?

Bird:  *chirps happily*

Luke:  I’ll have to think up a great name for you!


Wicket:  Come on Goldilocks, let’s go watch tv!

Gadget:  Just be careful sweetie, there are three cats around here that would love to eat that poor little bird.

Wicket:  I’ll protect her!


Luke:  I was wondering. . . will you go to the prom with me?

Yoda:  You didn’t have to bribe me with flowers, I would have gone with you anyway!

Luke:  Hey!  They weren’t a bribe, I just thought of you when I saw them is all.  *blushes*  So are you going to go with me then or what?

Yoda:  Of course you silly, beautiful boy.  Does this mean I have to dress up though?

Luke:  *grins*  Yup, we’re going to have to go suit shopping.

Yoda:  *groans*  I don’t even want to think about that right now.  Let’s go see what Custard is up to, you think she likes the cat park?

Custard:  I’ve got you now gecko, you cannot escape me!

Gecko:  Bring it, fuzzball.

Custard:  How did this happen. . I don’t even. .

Gecko:  Amateur.  *runs off*


Gadget:  Oh my sims!  Chip and Dale!!!

Chip:  Hey, sis. 🙂

Gadget:  *throws herself at them*  You guys are really here!  I’ve missed you so much!

Dale:  We decided to move to town to be closer to the family, surprise!

Dale:  We heard that it was Han’s birthday today and decided it would be the perfect time to drop by.

Gadget:  *grins*  You never could resist a free cake!

Dale:  I can’t help it, I’m a Glimmerstone!  It’s in our blood!

Luke:  Cousin Lando?  That is you!  Man, I haven’t seen you since we were kids!

Lando:  Hey, Luke!  Happy birthday, Han.

Monty:  Don’t be shy, get in here and have some cake with the rest of us.

Lando:  *blushes*  Yes, sir.

Han:  Whoa man, what did you do to your hair?

Chewbacca:  Isn’t it awesome?

Han:  If you say so. . .

Flounder:  What’s the matter dear?

Leia:  Cousin Anakin is flirting with my girlfriend.

Flounder:  *sighs*  That child is as wild as they come, Dale really has his hands full with that one.

Leia:  They just had another baby, didn’t they?

Flounder:  Yup, little Trent.  That’s why Punky couldn’t make it tonight.

Dale:  Later, sis!  Come visit anytime!  We’re right down the road.  🙂

Chewbacca:  Hey Han, now that we’re teens we can go to prom tomorrow with everyone else!

Han:  Yeah, but we don’t have dates. . .

Chewbacca:  We could go together . . . if you want, I mean.

Han:  Sure, let me go tell Luke we wanna go with them.  Maybe dad will rent us all a limo!


Lando:  Thanks for letting me tag along in your limo, guys!  OK, my mom will kill me if I don’t get tons of prom pics, say cheese!

Luke:  You’re supposed to be posing for the picture!

Yoda:  *kisses Luke on the neck*  Nope, I’m not gonna take my arms off you long enough for pictures, sorry!

Luke:  *beams*

Yoda:  *whispers in Luke’s ear*  I love you.

Luke:  Come on guys, let’s get in there and dance!  *scoops up Yoda and tosses him over his shoulder*

Yoda:  *laughs*  You heard the man, let’s go!

Chewbacca:  Yeah, let’s go dance, and put that camera down now Lando!  Our parents don’t need to know everything that happens at prom!


Custard:  Yes, you will make an excellent birthday present for Master Luke.

Wormrat:  Eeep!  *gets away*

Custard:  I’m terrible at this hunting thing!

Leia:  I wish. . .

Wicket:  Shh!  Don’t tell us or it won’t come true!

Wicket:  Oh no!  I didn’t wish for my cake to set fire!

Chewbacca:  What do we do???  *panics*

Monty:  I got this, stand back guys!

Gadget:  Dad!!  Monty over here quick, dad is on fire!

Chip:  Hold still dad.  I’ve got him, Monty.

Monty:  I got the rest of it out, are you OK dad?

Eric:  Just a little singed, thank you boys!

Flounder:  Well let’s get this mess cleaned up and try that again!

Luke:  That’s OK, grandma.  We don’t need to light anymore cakes today, me and Yoda don’t need them!

Flounder:  Don’t talk such nonsense boy, no grandson of mine is growing up without a special cake.  Not while I’m still alive!

Luke:  Are you sure you are alright, grandpa?

Eric:  I’ll be alright as soon as I get some of that cake into my gut.  We’ve already ruined two cakes so be careful!

Luke:  *rolls his eyes*  You would think getting set on fire would slow you down just a little. . .

Eric:  Never!

Yoda:  I hope I’m as awesome as you someday, Grandpa Eric!

Luke:  Happy birthday Yoda, quick grab some of this cake before they eat it all!

Wicket:  Well, you guys are braver than me cause there is no way I’m trying that cake thing again.

Wicket:  I’ll just age up on my own!


Wicket:  We did it!

Yoda:  Woo!

Gadget: *crying*  I can’t believe they all graduated already.  My babies!

Han:  Chill out mom, me and Chewy are still gonna be around.

Gadget:  *sniff*  I know, it’s just hard knowing they all are going to be moving out soon.  Luke and Yoda already found the perfect ranch to open their animal shelter and I know Leia and Wicket have their eyes on a cute little house with a big yard for Spirit.

Monty:  You’ve gotta let them fly away from the nest, sweetheart.  I’m not worried cause I know we raised them right, they will do amazing things with their lives.  Plus, they all are staying here in town so we can visit them as often as possible!


Gadget:  Now you boys don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything, you hear?

Luke:  Of course mom, you’re welcome over anytime.

Gadget:  Also, your dad and I agreed you should take Custard with you.  She has always been your cat sweetie, and I know she wouldn’t want to be away from you.

Luke:  Thank you so much mom!  I love you guys so much!

Gadget:  We love you too, son.  Now go and start your life with the man you love, make your mother proud.

Chapter 34: What I’m Most Thankful For

Luke:  I can’t believe you were so jealous!

Yoda:  Shut up!  How was I supposed to know you liked me too?  I thought you liked Wicket.

Luke:  She’s nice but more like a sister, don’t worry.

Monty:  Boys, the cake is ready!  Get down here!

Yoda:  Happy birthday Han!

Leia:  Way to go little bro!

Luke:  That cake looks so good…

Han:  This is the biggest piece of cake I’ve ever seen!


Monty:  I can’t believe I’m getting stuck cleaning out this birdcage.  Didn’t we tell those kids that they would have to take care of this thing?

Wicket:  Hey, what are you doing?

Yoda: *curses under his breath*  Hey Wicket, what are you doing out here?

Wicket:  You are such a loser Yoda!  Sneaking off to the garage to copy my homework again!  I’m telling!

Yoda:  Whoa, chill out!  It’s not like I’m hurting anyone.  I just really hate doing homework.

Wicket:  You are such a brat, you think you can just get away with whatever you want!  I’m going to tell Leia!

Yoda:  Fine, be that way.  I don’t care what Leia thinks of me anyway.

Wicket:  I bet you care what Luke and mom think!  *runs off*

Yoda:  Wait! *runs after her*

Yoda and Wicket:  *screaming at each other*

Leia:  Guys, I can hear you screaming all the way out in the pool, what’s going on?

Gadget:  I don’t even want to know.

Wicket:  He stole my homework!

Gadget:  OK guys, that’s enough.  Wicket why don’t you go swimming with Leia for a bit and cool off.  Yoda, go to your room and I don’t want to hear about you stealing anyone’s homework ever again, OK?

Luke:  Hey man, there you are.  Wanna play some video games or something?

Yoda:  I think I’m supposed to stay in my room.

Luke:  Ugh, what did you do this time?

Yoda:  *blushes*  I copied Wicket’s homework again.

Luke:  *sighs*  I told you to ask me for help next time you needed it.


Custard:  What is going on?

Rainbow Brite:  My baby is growing up!

Custard:  Does this mean I can finally go upstairs?

Garfield:  You can come hunting outside with your old dad, too!  Did I ever tell you about that time I caught that bird. . .

Rainbow Brite:  Honestly dear, you’ve told that story a hundred times now.


Chewbacca:  Han, wanna play tag?

Han:  I can’t right now, Chewy, I gotta get ready for bed.  My first day of school is tomorrow!

Chewbacca:  What am I going to do all day while you’re gone?

Han:  I dunno, I wish you could come to school with me.


Han:  No, no, no, no!  Oh man, mom is gonna be so mad.

Han:  Ugh, what is wrong with this stupid thing!?

Han:  This was supposed to be the best day ever and now it’s all ruined.  *stomps off to the bus*

Chewbacca:  What’s wrong, Han?

Han:  I was so excited for my first day of school but it’s just been the most awful day.  I broke the dishwasher, the toilet sprayed all over me and then the shower turned my hair blue and made me late for the bus!  If that wasn’t bad enough I didn’t know any of the kids in school either.

Chewbacca:  I’m sorry you had such a bad day, maybe I can cheer you up.

Han:  Thanks, Chewy, this was a great idea.

Chewbacca:  My stuffing is all soaking wet, it’s going to take all night to dry. 😦

Han:  Oh man, I didn’t think about that.  Sorry Chewy.  Hey, I’ve got an idea!

Han:  Dad makes these potions that can turn you real.  If you’re real you can just dry off with a towel like me!

Chewbacca:  Han, that horse is staring at me funny, don’t let him bite me!

Han:  Don’t worry, Spirit has never bitten anyone.  I’m sure he’s just curious.

Chewbacca:  Are you sure he doesn’t bite?

Han:  I’m sure, you can pet him if you want.

Chewbacca:  *nervous*  Maybe later. . .

Chewbacca:  I love being real!  Does this mean I can go to school with you now?

Han:  Yup, mom said she would register you and you can go with me next week.

Luke:  School isn’t as fun as he makes it out to be, trust me.

Yoda:  Yeah, plus you have to do homework!

Luke:  From now on we can do our homework together, it’s easier that way.

Yoda:  Thanks.  *kisses Luke*


Wicket:  I thought I would find you out here.  Did you get to ride today?

Leia:  A little, it’s so hard to train on school days.

Wicket:  Are you still planning on entering the beginner’s racing competition this weekend?

Leia:  Yup, I’m getting really nervous though.  I don’t have as much practice as most of those riders, maybe I should wait till after I graduate. . .

Wicket:  I think you should go for it.  It will be good practice even if you lose.

Leia:  You’re right of course.

Leia:  What would I do without all your love and support?

Wicket:  You’ll never have to find out, I’ll always be there for you.

Leia:  Do you hear that?  *a car pulls up*  They’re here!  Let’s go!

Gadget:  Mom, I’m so glad you guys could make it for Thanksgiving dinner!

Flounder:  How could you have Thanksgiving without my famous Tursoykey??  *grins*

Eric:  Now it’s tradition to go around the table and tell everyone what you’re thankful for.  I’ll start.  I’m thankful everyday for my lovely wife Flounder and the family we created together.

Yoda:  I’m thankful that this family took me in and accepted me, even if I can be a rebel sometimes.  I’m most thankful for Luke.

Wicket:  Like Yoda, I’m also thankful for having a family that accepts me.  I’m thankful that Monty made me that potion that turned me real!

Gadget:  I’m thankful that my parents drove all this way to spend Thanksgiving with us.  I’m thankful for Monty and each and every one of my children.

Flounder:  I’m thankful that my best friend Ariel made me real all those years ago.  If not for her I never would have met the love of my life and produced such a wonderful family.

Monty:  I’m thankful for each member of my family.  I’m thankful that they all agreed to move out here for my new job, it’s an amazing feeling to be loved that much.

Leia:  I’m thankful for the love and support my family shows me on a daily basis.  I’m thankful for my horse, Spirit.

Luke:  I’m thankful for the love our family shares, I know not every family has it this good.

Eric:  Don’t think we forgot about you kids back there, what are you thankful for?

Han:  Honestly?  We’re just thankful that you guys are done talking now and we can finally eat!

Chewbacca:  Yeah, what he said!  So hungry!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Chapter 33: Grace, Trust, and Love

Arya:  Yes, this is Mrs. Stone.

Mr. Ackbar:  My name is Mr. Ackbar, I’m Desmera’s teacher.  I’m sorry to bother you at home, Mrs. Stone.

Arya:  Oh dear, is she in some sort of trouble?

Mr. Ackbar:  No, nothing like that!  The school is just concerned because Desmera never interacts with the other students.  She seems quite shy and withdrawn, always keeping to herself.  It’s not really a big deal right now, she’s honestly one of the best behaved children we have, we’re just afraid that if she doesn’t learn proper social skills now it might hinder her in the future.

Arya:  She’s always been shy, I hoped she had made some friends at school. . .*sounds distressed*

Mr. Ackbar:  No need to sound so upset Mrs. Stone, this is actually a pretty common thing with only children and usually easily fixed.

Arya:  What can we do to help her?

Mr. Ackbar:  The best thing you can do is set up some play dates with other children her age.  Encourage her to go out and make new friends.  Start off small, are there any neighbor girls her age or maybe cousins she might be able to socialize with?

Arya:  She does have a cousin just about her age.  I’ll call and invite them over right away!

Mr. Ackbar:  That sounds like a great idea!

Arya:  Thank you, It’s nice to know the school is looking out for the students.

Arya:  So, did you get a chance to call your brother yet?

Gendry:  Sure did, and its great news, they agreed to come up for a visit.  I offered them the guest room and they’re going to make a family trip out of it.  Probably even stay a few weeks.

Arya:  I’m so happy!

Gendry:  Me too, I think the last time we saw them Grace was just a baby.  I guess life just gets away from you sometimes.  They should be here Friday night.

Arya:  I’m going to go start getting the guest room ready, why don’t you go tell Des she finally gets to meet her cousin?


Gendry:  They’re here!

Jon:  Gendry!  It’s been way too long!  You remember my husband Ryan of course, and this little monster trying to hide behind her daddy is Grace.  I don’t think you’ve seen her since she was a baby!

Gendry:  Hiya Grace, I’m your uncle Gendry.

Ryan:  She’s a little shy.

Arya:  *looks back at Desmera*  Yeah, well we know how that is.  *grins*

Desmera:  *fidgets nervously*  Hi, I’m Desmera.

Grace:  My name is Grace, my daddies say you’re my cousin.

Desmera:  Do you wanna come upstairs and play with me?

Grace:  Sure!  I tried to bring some of my toys but daddy told me that you probably had plenty of your own we could play with.

Desmera:  I have tons of toys, come on I’ll show you!  *grabs Grace’s hand and drags her inside*

Arya:  Well, that went better than I expected.

Jon:  Looks like they’re going to get along just fine.

Desmera:  So, what do you wanna play with first?  I have  a whole chest of dress up clothes or we can play blocks or. . .

Grace:  Oh wow, that’s an awesome doll house!  Can we play dolls?

Desmera:  Oh, uh I dunno. . .

Grace:  Is something wrong?

Desmera:  Well, this is going to sound silly but I have an imaginary friend and we usually play legacy together.

Grace:  No way!  I have an imaginary friend too!  Her name is Tabby, what’s your imaginary friends name?

Desmera:  Sebastian!  You really do have an imaginary friend?  That’s so cool, nobody believes me about Sebastian.

Grace:  Yeah, Tabby is great.  She doesn’t like car trips though so she decided to stay home.  I miss her already.  😦

Sebastian:  It would be OK if Grace played legacy with us, Des.  Maybe it will help her miss Tabby less.

Desmera:  Thanks, Bast!  You’re the best!

Grace:  What did he say?

Desmera:  How would you like to play legacy with us?

Grace:  That sounds fun!  Which one should I play?

Desmera:  Is it OK if she plays with Yoda?

Sebastian:  Yeah, that’s fine, I still get to keep Luke though right?

Desmera:  Yup!

Desmera:  OK Grace you can play with these two.  Yoda and Wicket, they used to be imaginary friends but Monty, that’s this one, *points to a doll* made a potion that turned them real.

Grace:  Oh, that’s so cool!  If only there really was a potion like that in real life!

Desmera:  Yeah, that would be awesome!  Wicket is bestest friends with Leia, she’s the one I’m playing mostly.  Yoda is kind of a rebel and he’s best friends with Luke.

Sebastian:  Tell her about how Yoda sets all those traps and pranks.  Oh and tell her about the time he yelled at the horse for being friends with Luke, it was funny!

Desmera:  *tells Grace*  He’s not really a bad guy though.

Grace:  Sounds to me like he’s jealous of anyone that comes near Luke.  Maybe he has a crush on him?

Sebastian:  *thinks about it*  I never thought of that.  You’re probably right!

Desmera, Grace and Sebastian:  *continue to chatter among themselves*


Wicket:  Wait, which one is my guy again?

Leia:  You’re the little red one and you’re supposed to be on my team.  Stop shooting me!

Yoda:  Haha, we don’t even have to fight them, Wicket is going to kill Leia for us.

Luke:  We could have beaten them either way, you’re awesome at this game.

Yoda:  I’m awesome at everything.

Wicket:  Sorry we lost and got stuck with the sleeping bags tonight.

Leia:  That’s alright, it will be like camping out!


Gadget:  Oh, Yoda, you startled me.  What are you doing up so early?

Yoda:  Hey Mrs. Glimmerstone!  Felt kinda bad about making the girls camp out on the floor last night and decided to make everyone breakfast.

Gadget:  I didn’t even know you liked to cook, that’s so sweet of you.

Yoda:  Yeah, I was really surprised when I realized I liked cooking.  It’s really fun though, I just love it!

Gadget:  Well as long as you don’t burn down my kitchen you can cook anytime you want.  If you’ve got everything under control here I’m gonna go get Han up for the day.

Monty:  Last weekend your sister learned how to drive, now it’s your turn!  You ready for this?

Luke:  I can’t wait!

Monty:  Why don’t we get started right away, we can pick up some breakfast on the road.

Luke:  Sure, let’s go!

Gadget:  Yoda, is there something wrong?  You’re just hovering around and it’s making me nervous.

Yoda:  *lets out a breath and grabs a mop*  It’s just. . .do you know where Luke went?  He didn’t even eat the breakfast I made everyone. 😦

Gadget:  Oh, they didn’t tell you?  Monty took Luke out for driving lessons today.

Yoda:  *looks crushed*

Gadget:  Don’t worry silly boy, he will teach you too.

Yoda:  Huh?  Oh, yeah, OK.  Thanks Mrs. Glimmerstone.

Gadget:  *sighs*  How many times do I have to ask you to just call me Gadget?

Yoda:  *grins sheepishly*

Yoda:  I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to do that. .

Leia:  It’s a trust building exercise, I’m letting Spirit take me wherever he wants.

Yoda:  Are you sure you didn’t just get on backwards by mistake?

Leia:  Shut up.  Why are you bugging me anyway, where’s Luke?

Yoda:  *face falls*  He’s out learning to drive.  They have been gone a really long time now though.

Leia:  It didn’t take me all day to learn, but we all know girls are smarter than boys!  *smug*

*Yoda’s phone rings*

Yoda:  *makes a face at Leia and answers*  Hello?  Sure, that sounds great!  I’ll be right over!  *hangs up the phone*  That was Luke, he’s done and wants me to meet him at the theatre for a movie!  Good luck with that . . .trust exercise.  *laughs and runs off*

Yoda:  I’m glad you called, I’ve been bored out of my mind all day!  I even ended up doing chores for your mom.

Luke:  You did chores?  Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?

Yoda:  *laughs and punches Luke in the arm*  Shut up.  How did the driving lessons go?

Luke:  Well dad let me take the car and I drove over here all by myself so I would say pretty good!  I get to drive us home too.

Yoda:  I’m too young to die!!!

Luke:  Omg shut up you dork, let’s go watch this movie.

Yoda:  *laughs*


Luke:  See, I got us home in one piece, told you I was an excellent driver!  Hey look, there is a stray dog in our yard.

Yoda:  Don’t pet it!  What if it has rabies or something?

Luke:  *babytalk*  You don’t have rabies do you?  No you don’t, cause you’re just a sweetheart dog aren’t you?

Yoda:  Dude, I’m pretty sure your parents would kill you if you took in another animal.  The house is bursting full already.

Luke:  *sighs*  You’re right.  I just feel so bad for all these strays though.  Wouldn’t it be great to open some sort of animal shelter and take them all in and find them homes?

Yoda:  *beams at Luke*  That is a great idea.  You should go for it, I would even help you out.

Luke:  Maybe when I’m old enough to move out on my own.

Yoda:  OK I draw the line at raccoons.  I’ll help you find homes for dogs and cats and stuff but not raccoons.  That thing could *really* have rabies.

Luke:  Wild animals shouldn’t be pets anyway.  You can still love them though.

Yoda:  If that thing bites you. . .

Luke:  Oh relax, will you?


Custard:  I have you now ball.  You cannot escape!

Garfield:  These ears are filthy!  Do you even lick behind them at all??

Custard:  Daaaad, I was going to get that ball!

Garfield:  Not with ears this dirty you weren’t!

Custard:  This is so embarrassing.


Wicket:  Now when I put you in this high chair you’re going to eat all your food right?

Han:  *pouts*

Wicket:  You know what happens to little boys that don’t clean their plate!  The claw comes for them!

Han:  *gasps*

Han:  I eated it all!

Wicket:  What a good little boy you are!

Han:  *beams*

Gadget:  Aww man, I was hoping you guys would forget my birthday!

Leia:  Silly mom, of course we remembered your birthday.  Don’t worry we didn’t get you a cake or anything embarrassing like that.

Wicket:  I love your new outfit!

Gadget:  Thanks, I guess it’s time to finally admit that I’m a middle-aged lady with three kids!

Monty:  You’re just as beautiful as ever.

Luke:  Don’t think we forgot it’s your birthday too dad.

Gadget:  Yeah, join me in middle age sheriff.

Monty:  *looks slightly worried but doesn’t change a bit*

Leia:  Looking good as ever dad!

Wicket:  Eww!  Garfield brought a dead bird in here!

Yoda:  *laughs*  I guess it’s his birthday present for you guys.

Wicket:  Wait, it’s not dead at all.  Can we keep it?

Gadget:  If you keep it you have to take care of it.

Wicket:  I will!

Wicket:  I’ll name you Goldilocks!

Goldilocks:  *tweets*


Yoda:  Hey, I thought I might find you down here in the cat room.

Luke:  Yup, I was just brushing Custard.  What’s up?

Yoda:  Nothing really, I just missed you.

Luke:  *laughs*  You just saw me 20 minutes ago.

Yoda:  *blushes*  Oh, yeah. . .I guess I’m just being stupid.  *turns to leave*

Luke:  Oh, come here you big lug.  It’s not stupid to want to spend time with me, I like spending time with you too.

Yoda:  *sucks in his breath quickly*

Luke:  Are you OK?

Yoda:  Y-y-yeah. . .you just. . .startled me is all.  *blushes furiously*

Luke:  *studies Yoda’s face carefully*  Are you sure that’s all?  You’re acting kinda weir. . .

Chapter 32: A kitten is born

Luke:  You got to feed her last time!

Leia:  She trusts me more, I should be the one to feed her.

Luke:  She trusts you more cause you never let me feed her!

Han:  Kitty!

Gadget:  Be gentle with her, she’s gonna have a kitten soon!

Gadget:  I wonder what your kittens will look like?  You’re such a pretty girl, I bet they will be adorable!


Monty:  Hey sweetie, how’s Spirit doing?

Leia:  She’s doing great!  How was work, dad?

Monty:  I love it!  Such a sleepy little town, being sheriff is pretty easy.  Where is your brother?

Leia:  He’s inside doing his homework and sulking cause I got to bottle-feed Spirit.

Monty:  Well, how about I start teaching you to drive and your brother can spend some time with Spirit?

Leia:  Sure!

Luke:  Hey girl, I’m Luke.  I guess I’m like your daddy, not that you would know with the way Leia hogs you all to herself.

Spirit:  *cautiously sniffs*

Luke:  You’re such a pretty girl, when you get a little older we’re going to train you for races.  Would you like that?

Yoda:  You listen up horse, Luke is MY best friend.  You better stay away from him.

Luke:  Yoda!  Don’t be such a brat.

Yoda:  If you train and race the horse you won’t have any time for me though.  😦

Luke:  Is that why you’ve been acting out so much lately?  Don’t worry so much, you know you’re my best friend and I’ll always have time for you.

Yoda:  You promise?

Luke:  I promise.  You can spend time with Spirit too, you know.  We can train her together if you want!

Yoda:  Whoa, what’s it doing?  It’s freaking out!!!

Luke:  I think she’s having a birthday!

Yoda:  Already?  Didn’t you just get her yesterday?

Luke: Yup, guess she was almost an adult already.  You know what this means, though?

Yoda:  She’s going to be big enough to trample me to death?

Luke:  *stares at Yoda*  No dummy, we can start training her right away!

Luke:  OK Spirit, here is your first lesson.  This is a carrot, if you do what I ask you to do I will give you another one!

Yoda:  Hey, I always clean up your room and make your bed when you ask and you never give me anything. . .

Luke:  *sighs*  Do you want a carrot?

Yoda:  Why would I want a carrot?

Luke:  Exactly.

Yoda:  *looks confused*  Whatever, I’m going to play Tetris.

Garfield:  Hey, whatcha doing?

Rainbow Brite:  Shh sneaking up on it. . .

Garfield:  Oh  *hunches down and stalks forward silently*  What are we hunting?

Rainbow Brite:  Strange crinkly ball.  *Pounces*  I’ve got you now, ball!

Garfield:  Yay, you got it!  That was exhausting, gonna go take a nap.

Garfield:  *snores*


Yoda:  Muahahaha

Leia:  My hair!!!  *screams*  LUKE, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!

Han:  Look Luke, bitey fishy!

Luke:  That’s a shark, can you say shark?

Han:  Shark!

Leia:  *muffled screaming from bathroom*  LUKE, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!

Luke:  Oh man, what did you do now, Yoda?

Yoda:  Why do you assume it was me??

Luke:  So you didn’t do anything?

Yoda:  Uh. . .hey isn’t it time to go to school now?  *runs away*


Garfield:  *meows sadly*

Gadget:  Oh my goodness, you have fleas!

Gadget:  You’ll feel much better after this flea bath, I promise.

Rainbow Brite:  *pokes faucet*  How do I get the water to come out?

Leia:  Look, mama made you a granola bar!

Spirit:  *drools*

Leia:  That’s it, you’re doing great!  Let’s just ride around the ranch for a little bit, OK?

Rainbow Brite:  *gives birth*

Monty:  Gadget, look!  Rainbow Brite gave birth to a healthy female kitten!

Gadget:  Aww, too bad it was only one, I was hoping for a large litter!  She’s so cute though!

Monty:  What should we name her?

Gadget:  I think we’ll call you Custard.  Welcome to the family little girl!

Rainbow Brite:  *licks Custard like crazy*

Custard:  Mama, I’m clean enough, let me go play!

Rainbow Brite:  *ignores Custard and keeps licking*

Custard:  Not sleepy, wanna play!

Rainbow Brite:  You can play after your nap.

Custard:  *pouts*

Wicket:  I wish I was real so I could help out with Spirit.

Leia:  I think my dad knows how to make you real.  We should ask him when he gets home from work.

Wicket:  Really??

Leia:  Sure!

Leia:  Daddy, do you still have those potions that will make Wicket real?

Monty:  I have been keeping a few spare ones on me since you guys were kids, just in case!

Leia:  Yay, thank you daddy!  You’re the best!

Wicket:  Here goes nothing. . .

Wicket:  Did it work?  Am I real?

Leia:  It worked!  Wow, you’re so pretty!

Wicket:  *blushes*

Yoda:  Luke!  Your dad just gave Leia a potion that made Wicket real!

Luke:  Really?

Yoda:  Yes!  Can you go get one for me?  Please???

Luke:  You really wanna be real?

Yoda:  Of course!

Luke:  You know if you become real you will have to go to school and do homework. . .

Yoda:  It can’t be that bad.

Luke:  I hate homework!

Yoda:  We can do it together, that way it will only be half as hard, right?

Luke:  Hey, I never thought of it that way.

Yoda:  Go ask him!

Luke:  OK, I’m going.

Yoda:  *chanting*  I’m gonna be real, I’m gonna be real. . .

Luke:  Well, here you go.

Yoda:  OK, now that I see that stuff I’m sorta nervous.  It’s not gonna kill me or anything, right?

Luke:  It didn’t kill Wicket, so I’m pretty sure you’re safe.

Yoda:  Good point.

Yoda:  Thank you so much, Luke!

Luke:  You’re welcome, now come on you can help me with the rest of my homework.

Yoda:  Doh!

Chapter 31: Trick or Treat

Leia:  Come on guys, let’s check out the barn!

Wicket:  Wait for me!

Wicket:  Where is the horse?

Leia:  We don’t have one yet silly, daddy says we can get one for our birthday though.

Luke:  Do you really think they will get us one?

Leia:  I hope so!

Gadget:  Kids, are you still playing in that barn?  It’s time to get your costumes on!

Monty:  OK, everyone smile real big, we’re gonna send this picture to the whole family!

Gadget:  Perfect!  Now, who is ready for some trick or treating?

Luke and Leia:  Me!!!

Gadget:  Hold up a second guys, Monty is talking to the babysitter.  Oh, Leia, don’t touch that thing, it’s a wild animal!

Leia:  It’s OK, mom, I don’t think it will bite me or anything.

Luke and Leia:  Trick or treat!


Leia:  Do you want a piece of candy, Rainbow Brite?

Luke:  I don’t think that’s very good for her. . .

Leia:  Aww, one probably won’t hurt.  Look, she likes it!

Gadget:  Kids, it’s time for cake!

Leia:  Happy birthday, Han!

Monty:  Just what those kids need, more sugar!  I swear Leia already ate all her Halloween candy.

Leia:  Hey!  I have a little bit left!

Gadget:  Our last baby isn’t a baby anymore!  *gets teary eyed*

Monty:  Yeah but just think, soon there will be no more diapers to change ever.

Gadget:  *laughs*  Yeah, as soon as I potty train him, maybe we’ll work on that tonight.

Monty:  So what do you guys think of your new school?

Luke:  It’s pretty cool I guess.

Leia:  Yeah, I met a really nice girl  today named Dorothy.

Monty:  That’s great!  Did you meet anybody new today Luke?

Luke:  Yeah, there are a couple of guys in my class that seem alright, Chase and Ethan.

Gadget:  We’ll have to be sure to invite them to your birthday party.

Luke:  I miss you Grandpa!  How is everything?

Monty:  The claw is gonna get you!!!

Han:  *squeals with laughter*

Luke:  Nah, that’s just dad using the claw on Han.  It was his birthday today you know!


Leia:  They will never find us in here!

Wicket:  I dunno, the barn is the only place you ever hide anymore. . . I think they might find us.

Leia:  Shh here they come!

Yoda:  The light is on in the barn!

Luke:  She wouldn’t hide in there again, would she?

Yoda:  Probably.

Gadget:  You don’t want to keep wearing diapers do you?  Let’s get you potty trained so you can wear big-boy underwear!

Gadget:  Great job with the potty chair, Han!  With just a little more work I’m sure you will get the hang of it.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll work on walking and talking!


Garfield:  *purrs*

Rainbow Brite:  *nuzzles*

Han:  *sings to Chewbacca*

Leia:  Here you go, Mr. Horse!

Luke:  Leia, are you feeding random strays again?

Leia:  Well, he has a saddle so I doubt he’s a stray. . .

Wicket:  Are you guys almost done with homework yet?  I wanna play!

Leia:  Almost, why don’t you go find Yoda?

Wicket:  Yoda is in the living room talking to himself again, he scares me.  😦

Luke:  Were you talking to yourself again, Yoda?

Yoda:  Of course not!


Garfield:  *pounce*

Rainbow Brite:  *tackle*

Garfield:  *cuddle*

Rainbow Brite:  *snore*

Gadget:  Look how filthy this cage is!  How did you manage to get muck all the way up on those lights, Raph?

Gadget:  Happy birthday, Garfield!

Rainbow Brite:  *stares*

Garfield:  Meow?

Gadget:  Today is Luke, Leia, and Garfield’s birthday! Can you say birthday?

Han:  Cake?

Garfield and Rainbow Brite:  *investigate new pet house*

Leia:  Grandpa!  I can’t believe you came!

Eric:  Wouldn’t miss your birthday!

Luke:  We’re getting a horse for our birthday, grandma!

Flounder:  That’s what I heard, is it here yet?

Luke:  I dunno, dad won’t let us go look in the barn yet.

Flounder:  We better go eat that cake fast then so we can go look, huh?

Luke:  Yup!

Leia:  Hurry, so we can go look at our horse!

Everyone:  Happy birthday Luke and Leia!

Luke:  So dad, did we get our horse?

Monty:  Why don’t you go to the barn and check?

Leia:  *squeals with happiness*

Monty:  Not too loud, she’s just a baby and you don’t wanna frighten her.

Gadget:  What do you guys wanna name her?

Luke:  I’ll let you name her, sis.  🙂

Leia:  I think we’ll call you Spirit!  Thank you so much mom and dad!

Gadget:  You are responsible for this horse.  I expect you and your brother to take very good care of her.

Luke:  We will mom, thank you!

Chapter 30: Glimmerstone Ranch

Gadget:  The kids are going to freak out when they see you, Raphael!

Gadget:  Who’s a good turtle?  You are!  Ow!  Did you just bite me???

Gadget:  Well, you can just go back into your tank to think about what you did.  You eat this food, not sims!

Leia:  Isn’t he the cutest turtle you ever saw?

Luke:  I guess, I have to admit though when mom and dad said we were getting a pet I hoped for something a little more. . . furry.

Leia:  Yeah, especially with all these cat toys they bought. . .

Monty:  The bus is here kids, put Raphael away and wash your hands up real quick!

Leia:  See you after school, Raph!

Gadget:  Have fun at school kids!

Luke:  Mom!  You always tell us we can’t have ice cream for breakfast!

Gadget:  Well, when you’re carrying a baby around and eating for two you can have whatever you want for breakfast.  Besides I already had pancakes so this is like breakfast dessert.

Leia:  You’re silly mom, love you!

Gadget:  Love you kids, see you after school!

Gadget:  Just stay parked here for a while, OK?  The baby is really craving ice cream right now, I have to try them all!

Ice cream man Dan:  Sure thing lady, all my normal customers are in school anyway.

Gadget:  Soooooo goooood.  I just can’t stop myself!

Flounder:  Gadget dear?  Are you still out there eating ice cream?  You are going to make yourself sick!

Gadget:  Just one more mom!  I can handle it!

Gadget:  Ow!!!

Flounder:  *comes running out of the house*  What is it?  Is it the baby???

Gadget:  No, just brain freeze.  Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much ice cream. . .

Flounder:  *rolls her eyes*  You think?

Gadget:  I’m gonna go out back and soak up some sun for a bit to warm up.  If the adoption agent comes send him on back will you?

Flounder:  Sure thing sweetie, those kids are going to be so surprised when they get home!

Gadget:  Well, I think all the cat stuff tipped them off already, it’s not a huge surprise.  *laughs*

Adoption agent:  Hello Mrs. Glimmerstone, I’m Blair Potter.  We spoke on the phone about adopting Garfield?

Gadget:  Nice to finally meet you!  Do you have the little guy with you?

Blair:  Yup, why don’t you come meet your newest family member?

Gadget:  Well hello there, you must be Garfield!

Blair:  I need to get going, good luck with Garfield!

Gadget:  Thank you so much!

Garfield:  *sniffs cautiously*

Gadget:  You’re going to love it here Garfield!  There are so many toys for you to play with!  Just don’t get into the turtle tank, OK?

Flounder:  I don’t think he understands Simlish, dear.

Gadget:  Of course he does!  Who is my smart kitty?  You are!

Garfield:  *hides*

Flounder:  Poor guy, he needs some time to adjust I think.  Let’s leave him be for a while.

Leia:  Kitty!!!

Luke:  I knew it!

Gadget:  He’s a bit overwhelmed right now guys, don’t freak him out, ok?

Leia:  He is so cute!  What is his name?

Gadget:  His name is Garfield.

Leia:  Hello Garfield!

Leia:  Such a good kitty!

Garfield:  *purrs*

Gadget:  I think he likes you!  🙂


Monty:  So did the kids love the surprise?

Gadget:  Oh, you should have seen their faces!  Leia is really taken with the little guy.

Monty:  She’s been so obsessed with animals ever since the school took that field trip to the horse ranch.

Gadget:  I know, I’m beginning to wonder if she will ever take that cowboy hat off!  I wish we had the room to get her a horse like she wants.

Monty:  Well about that, there is something I really need to talk to you about. . .honey?  What’s wrong??

Gadget:  *screams and clutches her belly*  The baby is coming!

Monty:  Wait right there sweetheart and I’ll drive the car around.

Gadget:  Thanks, I honestly don’t know if I could walk any further.  So tired!

Monty:  When we get home I’ll put Han to bed and you can get some much-needed rest.  I love you so much, Gadget.

Monty:  There you go, little guy.  New diaper, new blanky and a bottle!  *cuddles Han*

Han:  *giggles*

Monty:  Now be a good little boy and get some sleep, OK?  Mommy and daddy are very tired!  Love you little guy.

Garfield:  *dreams about catching bugs*


Flounder:  Well hello there handsome!  I’m your grandma Flounder.  *shouts*  Eric come look!

Eric:  Hey beautiful.

Flounder:  *laughs*  I meant come look at your grandchild, silly man!

Eric:  Oh I’ll get to him, after I’m done kissing you.  🙂  I love you so much Flounder.

Flounder:  Gadget did you adopt another cat?  There is a strange cat out here!

Gadget:  Oh is she here?  Garfield seemed lonely so I decided he needed a girlfriend!  This is Rainbow Brite, isn’t she gorgeous?

Monty:  I’m nervous little guy, how are they going to take my big news?  I tried to tell Gadget last night before she went into labor. .. not that I’m blaming you!  I love you so much!

Monty:  *nervously rubs neck*  So I’ve called a family meeting because I’ve been offered a new job.  A pretty big promotion actually.

Gadget:  Oh honey, that’s wonderful!

Luke:  Way to go dad!

Monty:  Yeah. . um. . here’s the thing. . we would have to move.

*stunned silence*

Monty:  I’ve been offered the sheriff position in a town called Appaloosa Plains.  It’s a small ranching town located a few hours west of here.  The pay is great and I really think the whole family would love the town but I won’t take the job is you guys hate the idea.

Gadget:  You know I support you whole-heartedly in your job, Monty.

Leia: *perks up*   A ranching town?  Could we get a horse if we go?

Monty:  Probably, just about everyone in Appaloosa Plains has a horse.  I want you all to sleep on it and let me know what you think in the morning.  I need to have an answer for them by the end of the week.

Rainbow Brite:  *snores*


Eric:  Darling, we need to talk.

Gadget:  What’s up, dad?

Eric:  Your mother and I have decided to stay here.  We don’t want to hold you guys back though and we think Monty should take the job.

Gadget:  *eyes filling with tears* What?  You don’t want to come with us?

Flounder:  Oh darling, don’t cry, we love you so much but this is our home.  We will come visit all the time and you know you are always welcome to visit here too!

Gadget:  What will I do without you guys though?

Flounder:  Gadget, you are a wonderful mother and wife.  You don’t need us to do the right thing for your family.

Gadget:  Maybe we should just stay.

Eric:  No dear, I think you guys should go.  Not only is the job a great opportunity for Monty, but I think the town will be good for the kids too.

Gadget:  *crying*  I’m going to miss you guys so much!

Eric:  I know darling, we’re going to miss you too.

Flounder:  I’m going to throw you guys a huge farewell bash and invite all the family over.

Gadget:  I would like that very much, thank you mom.


Dale:  Hey sis, I’m going to miss you like crazy.  Come and visit all the time, OK?

Gadget:  Sure thing, you come visit us too all right?  Who knows maybe you will love the town and decide to move there with us!

Dale:  Maybe we will!  I love you.

C-3PO:  I love you mommy!

Gadget:  I love you too.  You take care of your brother and sister droids, OK?

C-3PO:  Always mommy.  We will never forget you.

Gadget:  I’m gonna miss you, Deanna!

Deanna:  You know I’ll come visit every chance I get!

Anakin:  *is creepy*

Gadget:  Thanks for coming Chip, I’m gonna miss you!

Chip:  I’m bummed that you’re leaving.  Not only am I gonna miss you but I’m losing my best police contact too!

Gadget:  Maybe you should pack up the detective agency and move to Appaloosa Plains?  *grins*  I’m sure the new sheriff would hook you up!

Chip:  *chuckles*  You joke, but don’t be surprised if someday we all show up on your doorstep!


Gadget:  The last guest just left, guess I’ll start cleaning up.

Monty:  No you go ahead and rest, I’ll handle the clean up.  What the?  Raphael?

Monty:  Who let the turtle out?

Gadget:  I think Anakin was playing with him last.

Monty:  Well if the kids want us to get them a horse they need to learn to take care of their animals better than this.

Gadget:  Do you think we are making the right decision?

Monty:  I hope so, thank you for supporting me in this Gadget.  It means a lot to me.

Gadget:  Well we better get to bed, long day travelling tomorrow.


Monty:  Well, we’re finally here, what do you think of the Glimmerstone Ranch?

Luke:  Wow, it looks pretty nice.

Leia:  Can we get a horse now!?!?!?!

Gadget:  *laughing*  Why don’t we setting in for a while before we get a horse.  Maybe for your birthday OK?


Author’s note:  Pets!   I know most people are having horrible problems with pets but other than losing a few pieces of CC (the kids hairs, easily changed) my game is running better than it has in a really long time!  I can finally start my kitty legacy!  So to start the legacy I adopted a random kitten from the shelter. (Garfield)  All the mates from here on out will be cute cats I find on the exchange or from any stories I read.  That’s right, your cat could be a part of my cat legacy!  When the kittens come I’ll pick one to continue and adopt out the rest.  The first mate is Nyan cat (renamed Rainbow Brite) who can be found here.  Sooooo cute!  If you have made an awesomely cute cat and want me to use it in a future kitty generation feel free to post a link!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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